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That was January, that was...
Throughout the year we would like to bring you news on interesting assignments we've completed and keep you up to date with new developments in the photographic field - nothing too heavy just light hearted reflections on our work at the sharp end. We hope you enjoy.. p.s. just keep sending us interesting assignments to help us out. :)
The second day back after Christmas found us signing our year in with a typical Industrial shoot at Furmanite International photographing a large undersea pipe clamp heading out to repair a damaged pipe deep under the Atlantic Ocean. Somehow we managed to stay dry on this occasion. On other occasions we were not quite so lucky though !!
Brief: - Sun and Blue Sky – Due Date: End of January (Ha, ha, ha,....)
Well, it happened at possibly the largest building site in Britain today - Coventry Hospital... and Bristol.. London, (twice) .. and Gatwick .. and we were there when it did. Making arrangements on the last minute and able to be mobilised at very short notice ensured that the brief was fulfilled. Travelling around the country is pretty much the norm in our work, as is the M6 toll (hello Bill) and the London congestion charges - (Hi Ben).
...Job Done
And then it was wet. VERY WET. Early morning saw us on site at Holmescales Activity Centre for a Day in the field - literally! We donned our “Official Photographer” waterproofs for that 'corporate look' and very soon Marcus was decorating his salopettes with some rather unattractive brown stuff!! We were told it was just mud - but the way the cows were laughing in the next field had us wondering! Fortunately the camera was OK after a quick wipe down, and soon after the images from the Archery, Quad Biking, Landrover Challenge, Paintball and Clay Shooting were being projected onto the screen to appreciative teams of steaming people keeping Marcus company in his plight! Additionally that evening all the images were uploaded to the Official Photographer website available for download and sharing. If there are any of you contemplating any sort of event this year - this is the way to do it. Let your clients marvel at the technology, and you take all the praise.
An interactive demo can be viewed at the Official Photographer site.
After such an interesting start to the year we're looking forward to your call in 2004. No job to small, and the dafter the better it seems! Hopefully it will snow in June for some of you - and most of you will wait till November for Daffodil shots. We thrive on a challenge and look forward to hearing from you...
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